Friday, 13 July 2012

10 Steps To A More Confident You!

1.Be Happy With Yourself!

Focus on your positives, skills & qualities. Write a list of all the things you like about yourself and what your good at. Embrace these factors and make them your selling points! Also write a list out of the things you would like to improve on and then write out a step by step plan on how to achieve these improvements.

2. Set Goals!

Set yourself some short term & long term goals, whether they are to do with a career you would like to pursue or even maybe something you’ve always wanted to do like travel the world or even something more smaller, like passing a driving test. Whatever is it write it down and then plan how you’ll work towards achieving them & give yourself a deadline.

3. Use Positive Mind Imagery & Self Talk!

Try getting into the habit of turning negative thoughts and images into positive ones. Instead of doubting yourself, tell yourself you CAN do & achieve things you may think you can’t, reassure yourself that you’re a great person with great talents. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, think about your main qualities then open your eyes & smile, realise that those qualities are what make you who you are & different from everyone else! Let the feel of confidence take over & don’t worry about anyone but yourself!!

4. Try New Things!

Be a dare devil, be spontaneous, sky is the limit! Do something you’ve never done before, conquer a fear you may have, push your boundaries, explore! New surroundings & experiences prepare you for things you may end up coming across later in life, It can also help you to find out things about yourself you may not of known before. So go ahead and try something new today.

5. Practice A Confident Attitude!

Now this involves a lot of YOU time & also a lot of talking to yourself!  Some people like to do this exercise in the mirror, some people like to close their eyes and imagine themselves in a situation & others just role play it out with themselves, whichever one feels more comfortable & helpful for you, try it! Put yourself in situations that you think you’re not so confident with, such as meeting new people, talking out loud in meetings, talking in job interviews etc.. & act how you feel is appropriate for the situation. Take notes & read them over and over, the more you memorise your actions the more natural they’ll come to you once you find yourself in that situation.

6. Look After Yourself + Take Good Care Of Yourself!

To feel good you have to feel you look good, & to look good you have to take care of yourself & ensure you’re well presented! Start off with taking a look at your lifestyle & diet, are you a healthy eater? Do you get enough exercise? If the answer is no then these are the first things you want to change & improve on! No amount of makeup & designer labels will cover the fact you feel grotty & unhealthy inside. Also start to look at your skincare routine, Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise daily? These are very important things to consider when trying to maintain a healthy diet & good lifestyle. After you’ve dealt with your inside health, you can then start to make some improvements or changes on the outside with clothing styles, hairstyles, makeup looks etc…

7. Work On Your Social Skills!

People who lack confidence tend to be very shy in an open environment & tend not to socialise much as they don’t know how to approach people & start convo’s which usually gets mistaken for you being rude! Your social skills are a big key to open many doors to opportunities, as you’ll need to be able to approach people to promote yourself, learn things, network & also build contacts. Don’t feel intimidated when meeting new people they are probably just as nervous as you but just know how to deal with it. When communicating with people ensure you give good eye contact & your body language shows you’re listening & interested. Also work on your posture, a bad posture can come across rude & make you unapproachable, also gives away the fact that you’re very unconfident which can put people off you (especially in job interviews). So throw on a big smile, talk clearly, be polite, give good eye contact, shake hands firmly, have a good posture & believe in yourself!

8. Speak Up!

Don’t be in the background, get out there, be noticed! While being shy and quiet can be cute, it also gives away the fact that you are not confident & unfortunately when some people notice this they tend to take advantage of it & try to intimidate you to help boost their own confidence. So speak up in meetings and when you’re out, get your points and opinions across, let the world know you have a voice and remember to always stick up for yourself in you find yourself a victim of someone else’s insecurities.

9. Be Organised!

Very important to be an organised person as it helps you to plan things out more easily and gives you less stress and things to worry about. Try not to leave things to the last min, always plan beforehand so you have a rough idea of how things will go & prepare yourself for it.

10. Finally.. BELIEVE!!

You must believe in yourself before expecting someone else to believe in you, write out inspirational quotes & stick them on your mirror to remind you every day how great you are & what you’re working towards. Confidence is the key to many peoples success as well as believing in themselves. Try looking at appropriate role models you can look up to such as a family member, your boss or even a friend. Study how they are and how they react to things, take notes & add them to your skills and qualities. You must remember you are special and unique, you have talents you rock in, looks of your own, skills and experience that someone else would do a lot for & so many other great things. So embrace the positives, improve the negatives & believe in yourself!

Be Confident, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

10 Steps To Healthier Skin!

1.Cleanse,Tone & Moisturise Daily!
Remember to remove make-up before bed and to cleanse,tone & moisturise twice a day to remove all dirt from the face,to maintain clean & clear skin.

2.Exfoliate Regulary & Apply Face Mask Weekly!
Exfoliating the skin removes all dead skin cells the skin sheds,allowing your skin to breathe & renew itself. Also apply a face mask weekly to clean out clogged pores & hydrate the skin.

3.STOP Yourself From Picking Spots!
We all become tempted to pick our spots hoping to get rid of them more quickly, when in actual fact we are only making them worse,as picking spots tends to be the main cause of spot scarring which i'm sure we do not want on our faces!!! So next time you feel tempted to pick them spots,simply apply some tea tree oil or the stick & let it naturally fade away!

4.Drink PLENTY Of Water!
Most common & obvious advice given,but lets be honest how many of us ACTUALLY drink the correct amount of water daily? If your like me & really can't stand to drink water on it's own,add a little bit of juice to it to help flavour it up a bit,I mean it's still the same amount of water going into your body right? =)

5.Keep Stress Levels LOW!!
We can all get a tad stressed sometimes,it's only normal! But stressing too much can lead to many health problems including appearance of skin research has previously shown.So chill out,relax & try not to worry too much & STOP over thinking (common cause of stress). Try going for a nice pamper session every once in a while.

6.Maintain A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle!
With all these cheap deals in the supermarket on junk food it's pretty hard for us not to be tempted to buy a whole trolly junk bargins,but it's just unfortunate that our guilty pleasures we love the most don't provide us with the vitamins & minerals we need! So while it's okay to snack out on junk once in a while,try to eat as much healthy foods as possible (fruit,veg,nuts..) with regular exercise. Not only will you be lookin great you'll be feeling great from the inside to the outside!

7.Avoid Sun Beds & Apply Sunscreen!
Yes we all want to look like we've just come back from a 3 week holiday in spain, but ensure you catch the sun safely! Apply sunscreen with a high SPF factor & stay from sun beds!! Healthy skin or skin cancer? Your choice!!

8. Have A Good Night's Sleep!
Yes with enough rest,a big improvement in our skins appearance will appear plus we won't be suffering from dark eyes & big eye bags that we try to cover with our shades..even if it is a rainy day!

9.Don't Let That Soap Go Near Your Face!!
Avoid cleansing your face with soaps as it's alkaline & contains chemicals that strip the skin of it's natural oils,leaving skin feeling dry & very tight!

10.Avoid Hot Baths!
Again soaking in a HOT bath can also strip the skin off it's natural oils leaving skin scaley & dry, also staying in baths for longer than 15mins can also cause this problem, so stay in the bath for no longer than 10 mins (stay on the safe side) & make sure it's WARM!!

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Makeup For Summer 2012..

Hey Beauties,
So As You Know Summer Is Finally Heading Our Way,Yaaay! Looking Forward To Summer More Than Ever This Year & Can't Wait To Try Out Some Makeup Looks & Hairstyles! I Will Be Blogging Pictures & Tutorials In June All Summer Related To Makeup Sure You Look Out For That!!

Here Are Some Quick Tips & Advice For Makeup For Summer..

  • Face: Replace Your Foundation For Some Tinted Moisturiser,GREAT For Giving Skin A Healthy Glow,Lets Skin Breathe More,Evens Out Skin,Gives Some Coverage & Alot Also Have Sun Protection Included! Wear Heavy Foundations In Hot Weather Clog Pores,Restrict The Skin From Breathing,Some Give The Face A Dull Matte Look & Sweat & Foundation Defo Aren't Best Buddies Lol,Below I Have Listed 3 Tinted Moisturisers I Would Recommend,Be Sure To Try Them Out!
  1. Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising - ! My Personal Fav Product Out Of The Cheapest Moisturisers
  2. Olay Complete Care Touch Of Max Factor Foundation - £10.99 <- Great For Fair & Medium Skin Tones
  3. Benefit You rebel - £23.50 <-This Is By FAR The Best I've Used! Adapts To All Skin Tones

  • Eyes: Time To Tone Down The Eye Makeup & Go For A More Softer Eye Makeup Effect Usings Warm Tones Of Pinks,Peaches,Apricot,Pastel Greens & Blues And Also Nude & Golden/Brown Colours. For Natural Day Time Looks It's Important To Tone Down The Brows,Having Them Appear Soft But Well Defined. As For The Liner,Ditch That Black Eyeliner For Some Pastel Shades Of Green,Lavender,Silver,White,Soft Greens & Soft Blues. Also Watch Out For The Sparkling & Metallic Colours Bound To Be In Fashion Too. Moving On To The Lashes Ditch Heavy Bold False Lashes For More Natural Ones Or Even Just Go For Mascara! Below I Have My Personal Fav & Recommendation For What Types Of Lashes To Use =)
  1. Eylure Naturalite False Eyelashes - £5.35   
  • Lips: Lips Are To Be Kept Soft Too,Using Colours Such As Coral,Soft Pinks,Nude Shades & Soft Coloured Glosses.

  • Cheeks: Use Warm Pinky/Peachy Tones On The Cheeks To Add Warmth To The Face,Also Go For The Flushed & Rosey Look On The Cheeks With Some Face Gloss To Give The Effect Of A Healthy Glow On The Cheeks. Below I've Listed Some Products I Recommend For Use On The Cheek Area!
  1. Benetine Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain - £24.50
  2. Benefit Golden Beam/High Beam/Moon Beam Highlighter - £18.50

REMEMBER: Summer Makeup Is All About The Dewy Sunkissed Golden Look & Less Makeup Is Always Best For This Type Of Weather..



Friday, 18 May 2012

Rainbow Lips Tutorial..

Hey guys,check out my rainbow lips tutorial
Hope you enjoy it & its helpful

Grace Jones Inspired Shoot..

Got To Work With This Incrediable Designer On A Shoot =) It's Grace Jones Inspired & Here Are Some Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes Pics.


Joker Inspired Look

Hey Guys, I Haven't Been Posting Much But Im Back =)
Heres A Little Insight To My Joker Inspired Make-up I Did On My Last Day Of Beauty School.. =( So Sad Its Over But I've Happily Gained A Level 3 Award In Fashion & Photographic Makeup =)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Afrohair & Beauty Show !!

Hello Beautys, I Would Just Like To Share With You An Great Upcoming Event Which Will Be Taking Place On June 3-4. The Show Includes Fashion Shows,Hair Demonstrations,Nail & Beauty Bar,Live Salon With Award Winning Stylists,Natural Zone & PA's. So Get Your Tickets It Will Be A Great Experience. Check Out The Site For More Information & Tickets or Email Me For More Info .

Afrohair & Beauty Show
June 3-4 2012
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street.
N1 0QH


Monday, 2 April 2012

Misty Brown Eyes
Great For A Day Time Look As Its Very Natural Colours & Doesn't Stand Out Too Much But Adds Definition To The Eyes.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Red Polish..Green Gems..

Love These Gems I Purchased From Amazon,They Came Very Quick & Look Fab & Shiney. Also Great Use For Makeup Designs Too =) 

Rainbow Lip Delight =)

Love The Rainbow Lips,It Was Such A Fun Look To Create! I Had A Great Response From Everyone On Bb & Twitter & I'm Looking Forward To Doing The Rainbow Lip Delight Tutorial Due To A High Request!
Krys xo

Warm Goddess Eye Makeup (Step by Step)

 Step by step
..Warm Goddess..
1. After doing your normal foundation routine, apply eye primer & if needed apply a base shadow,preferably white (This is a good tip for people with darker skin tones).
2. Starting with the inner corner of the eye, apply a bright yellow the width of the colour should be 1/3 of the lid. Blend it up going a little bit pass the crease line.
3. Next step is to apply a bright orange next to the yellow & slightly over lapping the yellow. Again the orange shade should be roughly the same width as the yellow. After you've applied the orange & your happy with the brightness of the colour do the same shading technique as step 2 but this time you'll be also blending the orange into the yellow so the colour change doesn't look harsh.
4. Now you can apply the pink,I would recommend a nice deep medium pink. Apply the colour to the rest of the remaining space on the lid, you can also bring it out to line it up with the end of your brow. Again you should blend upwards to your brow bone & into the orange making sure any harsh colour change has been completely blended.
5. At this stage if you need to apply more colour to any of the colour you should do so & also make sure the colour changes have all been blended.
6. When your happy with the blending & colour brightness, take a highlighting powder or a light shade of eye shadow & apply to the brow bone and also blend it into the edges of the yellow,orange & pink shadow, to give a really nice blending out effect.
7. Now you can apply a black pencil eye liner to the lower waterline & a black liquid eyeliner on the top lash line. Creating a flick at the end with the liquid eyeliner is totally optional,it's all down to your preference. I have included both pictures of the winged eyeliner & without.
8.Now finished you can add some mascara or eyelashes.

Once the eyes are completed you can now apply the rest of your remaining makeup application.
With these eyes I wouldn't use a bold & bright blush, I think a nice natural looking blush would go nicely & I also would use a light natural lip such as a gloss instead of a bold lip.
Always put the focus on one feature on your face!!

Products Used:
Eyeshadows: 120 Beautify Eyeshadow Palette
Pencil Eyeliner: Barry M Black Liner
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmel Glam Eyes
Mascara: Maxfactor False Lash Effect

Introducing Makeup by Krystall-Chanelle..

Hey Beautys, This is the official Glam & Gloss By Krystall-Chanelle blog. Glam & Gloss will be providing you with tutorials,advice,reviews,ideas & much more. I am a london based makeup artist & beauty therapist with a passion to succeed in the beauty industry. I will do my best to provide you with great services & information on beauty,hair & makeup related things. I am available for bookings !

Twitter: @KrystallChanel (CEO/Founder)
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Facebook: Krystall Chanelle

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