Thursday, 12 July 2012

10 Steps To Healthier Skin!

1.Cleanse,Tone & Moisturise Daily!
Remember to remove make-up before bed and to cleanse,tone & moisturise twice a day to remove all dirt from the face,to maintain clean & clear skin.

2.Exfoliate Regulary & Apply Face Mask Weekly!
Exfoliating the skin removes all dead skin cells the skin sheds,allowing your skin to breathe & renew itself. Also apply a face mask weekly to clean out clogged pores & hydrate the skin.

3.STOP Yourself From Picking Spots!
We all become tempted to pick our spots hoping to get rid of them more quickly, when in actual fact we are only making them worse,as picking spots tends to be the main cause of spot scarring which i'm sure we do not want on our faces!!! So next time you feel tempted to pick them spots,simply apply some tea tree oil or the stick & let it naturally fade away!

4.Drink PLENTY Of Water!
Most common & obvious advice given,but lets be honest how many of us ACTUALLY drink the correct amount of water daily? If your like me & really can't stand to drink water on it's own,add a little bit of juice to it to help flavour it up a bit,I mean it's still the same amount of water going into your body right? =)

5.Keep Stress Levels LOW!!
We can all get a tad stressed sometimes,it's only normal! But stressing too much can lead to many health problems including appearance of skin research has previously shown.So chill out,relax & try not to worry too much & STOP over thinking (common cause of stress). Try going for a nice pamper session every once in a while.

6.Maintain A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle!
With all these cheap deals in the supermarket on junk food it's pretty hard for us not to be tempted to buy a whole trolly junk bargins,but it's just unfortunate that our guilty pleasures we love the most don't provide us with the vitamins & minerals we need! So while it's okay to snack out on junk once in a while,try to eat as much healthy foods as possible (fruit,veg,nuts..) with regular exercise. Not only will you be lookin great you'll be feeling great from the inside to the outside!

7.Avoid Sun Beds & Apply Sunscreen!
Yes we all want to look like we've just come back from a 3 week holiday in spain, but ensure you catch the sun safely! Apply sunscreen with a high SPF factor & stay from sun beds!! Healthy skin or skin cancer? Your choice!!

8. Have A Good Night's Sleep!
Yes with enough rest,a big improvement in our skins appearance will appear plus we won't be suffering from dark eyes & big eye bags that we try to cover with our shades..even if it is a rainy day!

9.Don't Let That Soap Go Near Your Face!!
Avoid cleansing your face with soaps as it's alkaline & contains chemicals that strip the skin of it's natural oils,leaving skin feeling dry & very tight!

10.Avoid Hot Baths!
Again soaking in a HOT bath can also strip the skin off it's natural oils leaving skin scaley & dry, also staying in baths for longer than 15mins can also cause this problem, so stay in the bath for no longer than 10 mins (stay on the safe side) & make sure it's WARM!!

Hope this helps!

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