Sunday, 1 April 2012

Warm Goddess Eye Makeup (Step by Step)

 Step by step
..Warm Goddess..
1. After doing your normal foundation routine, apply eye primer & if needed apply a base shadow,preferably white (This is a good tip for people with darker skin tones).
2. Starting with the inner corner of the eye, apply a bright yellow the width of the colour should be 1/3 of the lid. Blend it up going a little bit pass the crease line.
3. Next step is to apply a bright orange next to the yellow & slightly over lapping the yellow. Again the orange shade should be roughly the same width as the yellow. After you've applied the orange & your happy with the brightness of the colour do the same shading technique as step 2 but this time you'll be also blending the orange into the yellow so the colour change doesn't look harsh.
4. Now you can apply the pink,I would recommend a nice deep medium pink. Apply the colour to the rest of the remaining space on the lid, you can also bring it out to line it up with the end of your brow. Again you should blend upwards to your brow bone & into the orange making sure any harsh colour change has been completely blended.
5. At this stage if you need to apply more colour to any of the colour you should do so & also make sure the colour changes have all been blended.
6. When your happy with the blending & colour brightness, take a highlighting powder or a light shade of eye shadow & apply to the brow bone and also blend it into the edges of the yellow,orange & pink shadow, to give a really nice blending out effect.
7. Now you can apply a black pencil eye liner to the lower waterline & a black liquid eyeliner on the top lash line. Creating a flick at the end with the liquid eyeliner is totally optional,it's all down to your preference. I have included both pictures of the winged eyeliner & without.
8.Now finished you can add some mascara or eyelashes.

Once the eyes are completed you can now apply the rest of your remaining makeup application.
With these eyes I wouldn't use a bold & bright blush, I think a nice natural looking blush would go nicely & I also would use a light natural lip such as a gloss instead of a bold lip.
Always put the focus on one feature on your face!!

Products Used:
Eyeshadows: 120 Beautify Eyeshadow Palette
Pencil Eyeliner: Barry M Black Liner
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmel Glam Eyes
Mascara: Maxfactor False Lash Effect


  1. This eye make up looks fab! I think you will do really well in your career and having a blog is a great way to show the world what you can do :) Good luck with everything xx

  2. Thank You Very Much, Much Appreciated =) xoxo

  3. This is a very cute makeup, very springish. I like it!